Let Ryan bring "volumes" of magic to your library today!

This stunning production is sure to spark the creative imagination of both children and adults alike. The show itself includes 45 minutes of extraordinary magic, loads of audience participation, up-beat music, excitement, laughter, and energy. During the show, Ryan also tells the story of how he became interested in magic -- an interest which was strengthened after many trips to the local public library to read and study books on magic!

The show attracted well over 100 parents and children of all ages. He was extremely personable and established a wonderful rapport with the audience from the start of the show. He did eye-popping magic and involved the kids in much of it!
- Cary Meltzer, Children's Room Director, Utica Public Library

This is the second time we have had the show here at the library and we will definitely have it again. Everyone at the library loved the show! Thank you so much for coming and making it a memorable experience for kids and adults alike.
- Kimberly A. Hazen, Guernsey Memorial Library

About Ryan's Shows

Frequently asked questions about Ryan's library shows

What kind of audience is your show suited for?
Ryan's shows are ideal for an audience of children ages five and up (but teenagers and adults love our shows, too!). Little ones typically get restless, so please be sure they are accompanied by an adult.

Where do you perform the show? What about seating?
Ryan can perform his shows in practically any location. He doesn't need a lot of space for his show; libraries generally have us set up and perform in their community rooms or in a meeting area. Seating is up to you. Kids are usually comfortable just sitting on the floor.

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